Monday, November 24, 2008

NISSAN | Concept Car PIVO 2

Despite its compact dimensions, Pivo 2's ultra-thin motor - jointly developed with Fujitsu General Ltd - has twice the torque output of a conventional electric motor. This is achieved by optimising the layout of its electromagnetic coils and permanent magnets, and by adopting a 3D magnetic-flux-path structure to help the flux flow efficiently. For optimum performance, the whole assembly is designed to fit within the Pivo 2 wheels.
ECO Drive Support Service provides the information to support driver's fuel efficient driving. By changing driving habit through ECO Drive Support Service, individual drivers can help contribute to reduce CO2 emission.

NISSAN | Concept Car PIVO 2
Pivo 2 takes the idea of an environmentally friendly electric urban commuter vehicle and delivers fun.

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