Friday, May 29, 2009

Let’s Focus on Saving Journalism, Not Newspapers, Huffington Says

Let’s Focus on Saving Journalism, Not Newspapers, Huffington Says

CARLSBAD, CALIF. – With demographic changes crippling the old-guard newspaper world, all eyes are on the future of media.
While newspapers won’t go away entirely, Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington says the focus should be on saving and strengthening quality journalism, not being fixated on the traditional newspaper model.

Huffington says multiple working models will emerge from the current media shakeup – but a subscription-based model probably will not be among the long-term survivors, she says in the accompanying video, taped at the All Things Digital conference here. (Click here for Huffington’s presentation with Katharine Weymouth of the Washington Post.)

In the “new models” department, the Huffington Post recently launched an investigative fund, a combination of for-profit and nonprofit models and will be available on open source.
To help fund these and other new ventures, the Huffington Post closed $25 million in a third round of funding from Oak Investment Partners back in December. Huffington says her business is now breaking even, with a new push in technology coverage coming, and reach into Chicago and New York.

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