Sunday, December 28, 2008

The big trends for 2009 include comfort food, nostalgia, and..

The big trends for 2009 include comfort food, nostalgia, home baking, and..

Spotting trends in food is essential to understanding what food consumers are doing now and more importantly may be doing in the future. thefoodpeople split their food trend predictions into mega trends which are already apparent within the market and also emerging trends that are just starting to take hold.
In a time when we are all facing global economic slowdown, shifts in outputs and dwindling natural resources, what does all of this mean for trends in food?
“The big trends for 2009 include comfort food, nostalgia, scratch cooking and home baking as consumers want to save money as well as feel good about themselves and the food they consumer just like mum or grandma did. Also big in 2009 will be head to tail eating where more people will be eating those forgotten cuts of meat in a bid to make food go further. Despite credit crunch we expect to see sustainability remain high on the agenda whilst some of the nice to haves such as organic drop back. We expect domestic cuisines to big, people cooking and dining on food that is traditional and indigenous to their country of residence. In addition we also expect to see shifts in drinking habits with more in home drinking as well as a rise in the popularity of beer, cider and cocktails. As consumers get used to using the internet more for food purchases we also expect to see more business and food brands miniaturising and customising their food products to the specific needs of their consumers. Last but not least we expect to see health in food trends such as natural health choices, ultra low calorie, anti foods, more detox diets and tailored health food choices to be big in 2009”.

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