Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Homemade decorations are making a big comeback this year

Decorations shine on in recession
With the economy in a slump, trend watchers predict there may be fewer gifts under the Christmas tree this year, but that doesn't mean the tree itself, or its surroundings, won't still be dressed to the hilt. Retailers everywhere are bracing for declines in consumer spending, yet studies show more may be going into the decoration of homes, with a series of twists.
Homemade decorations are making a big comeback this year, with popular favorites coming in the form of resurfacing traditions. Frugalists from Martha Stewart to McCall's magazine are reminding holiday decorators that everything old is new again, from candles to homemade wreaths.
"One of the reasons people are going more to homemade items is because of television programs that show people how to decorate their homes for Christmas"

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