Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New York International Automobile Show: A WORLD OF CARS

New York International Automobile Show: A WORLD OF CARS
April 10-19 2009
The New York Auto Show is value-packed fun for the whole family combining the best place to compare the world’s finest cars and trucks with state-of-the-art displays, celebrities, prizes, giveaways, interactive exhibits and vehicle test drives.

For 109-years, NYIAS has ignited the passion and stirred the soul of car lovers with its futuristic concept cars and new vehicles and 2009 is no exception. Compare every new car on the market under one roof, in one day, without any pressure to buy. Whether you’re looking for a small car that makes a big impression, something fun, fast and frugal, or you want to get plugged into a hybrid or electric vehicle there is no better place to research your next new car, crossover, minivan, SUV, or truck.

Chrysler rolls out SUV after government scolding
Chrysler plays to customer base with new Grand Cherokee, despite criticism of its SUV reliance

NEW YORK (AP) -- It sounds crazy: Just a week after the White House scolded Chrysler LLC for relying too much on gas guzzlers, the company is heading to a marquee auto show Wednesday to unveil a new SUV.
Chrysler insists the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which clocks in at 20 mpg in its two-wheel-drive version and 19 in four-wheel-drive, is a crowd favorite and a crucial part of its lineup.
"This is a very important vehicle for us. It's one of the primary legs of the Chrysler stool," Chrysler spokesman Rick Deneau said. "Customers have told us they want this vehicle and that it's the right size."
The 2011 model is 11 percent more fuel efficient than its predecessor, powered by a cleaner and more powerful engine. Still, Chrysler's decision to debut an SUV as its only new car at the New York International Auto Show

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