Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Next 100 Years: War in Space

The Next 100 Years: War in Space

Posted Apr 30, 2009 10:44am EDT by Aaron Task in Newsmakers
With the U.S. military already space-based, war in the stars will inevitably move from the realm of science fiction and into reality later this century, says George Friedman, founder of STRATFOR.

In his latest book, The Next 100 Years, Friedman explains how war in space is unavoidable; "wherever humans go, war will follow," he writes. Moreover, any enemy that seeks to attack the United States must, ultimately, try to take out our space-based military satellites. Knowing this, U.S. military command will move toward a system of permanent bases in space - manned by humans and robots - to defend and repair those critical assets.

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