Sunday, January 11, 2009

Detroit's North American International Auto Show, focus on Technology

Detroit's North American International Auto Show, focus on Technology
The Detroit show - which opens Jan. 11-13 to the media and Jan. 17-25 for the public

Detroit in January is still The Big One, for North America.

The focus is on New Technology, not much on the Bailout.
The North American International Auto Show 2009 is where the global automotive community comes together to catch up on the latest. Join more of your peers from around the world at the industry’s most substantive annual event. In addition to 60 new vehicle premieres – including some of the automotive world’s most eagerly anticipated – you’ll gain unprecedented access to more of the industry’s top leaders and thinkers in one place than anywhere else in the hemisphere.

2009 Detroit Auto Show: International Car of TheYear Awards
Nissan GTR 2009 International Car of the Year

Motor Trend 2009 Car of the Year: Nissan GT-R - The best video clips are right here

TrendHunter luxury electric cars from GM

Luxury Electric Cars - GM Builds Cadillac Converj (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) General Motors’ new model, the Cadillac Converj, is an exciting luxury twist on highly anticipated Chevrolet Volt. The Converj, just like the Volt (using Voltec technology), is able to travel 40 miles,… [More]

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