Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Heineken 'Experience' reopens in Amsterdam, includes high-tech exhibits

Heineken 'Experience' reopens in Amsterdam, includes high-tech exhibits

(From Canadian Press)
One of Amsterdam's most popular attractions among young adults, the Experience has reopened after a year of renovations.
Long gone are the days when the tour, located on the site of Heineken's former brewery in Amsterdam, was mostly a way to drink unlimited amounts of booze.
The remodelled version lives up to its name, a cross between corporate museum and a chance to achieve rapture with one of the world's most-recognized beer brands.
Though for cynics the Experience may feel like one long advertisement, for those who love the beer it's "a pilgrimage," says Bob Rogers, a branding expert who advised Heineken on the museum's renovations.
The new Experience updates its offerings with several high-tech exhibits targeting the "YouTube" generation.
For instance, visitors can perform karaoke of the cheesy Dutch classic song "Tulips from Amsterdam" against a backdrop of canals - and instantly send a video clip of the event by e-mail to their friends.
The tour begins with a short film designed to praise Heineken's history, in which the word "quality" is mentioned a dozen or more times.

Map Amsterdam Heineken 'Experience' Stadhouderskade

Grotere kaart weergeven

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