Saturday, January 31, 2009

Social unrest is increasing

Social unrest is increasing in Europe

Saturday January 31
In this week we witnessed growing social unrest in Greece, France and the U.K.
Strikes, blockades, occasional riots and picket lines, it's a sign of the times.
Last month, it was only in Iceland and in Greece. As the recession is spreading, the housing market worsening and currencies dropping, people really begin to fear for their future, and tempers are getting shorter.
In the U.K. we noticed an increase in anti-European sentiment and strikes after remarks from the Britsh Prime Minister Gordon Brown about 'British Jobs for British Workers', Mr. Brown obviously likes to play with fire.

January was the worst month for the U.S. job market with a 100.000 job cuts in every sector of the industry. President Obama spoke out against the shameful bonus culture in Wallstreet. In general people in the banking sector and in high financial positions do not show much social responsibility.
In economic lesser times social unrest always increases and with the economy and politics globally intertwined the effects of social unrest show up sooner and stronger.
These are testing times for the old political elite, in 2009 we will see if they have inner wisdom and can keep their nerve.

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