Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Smarter Planet, getting from A to B. (IBM)

(IBM) Smart Planet, a smarter planet, getting from A to B.

Clogged roadways need new approaches
Next time you're stuck in traffic ground to a halt, think about this: as smart as our cars have become, our roadways are about to get a whole lot smarter.
It's certainly needed. Cities everywhere are battling an increase in demand and an inability to build sufficient infrastructure to cope. For example, in the U.S., as population grew nearly 20% between 1982 and 2001, traffic jumped 236%.
Building new roads and new lanes often just isn't possible any longer, but building intelligence into the roads and the cars—with roadside sensors, radio frequency tags, and global positioning systems—certainly is.
In Stockholm, a new smart toll system has reduced traffic and carbon emissions by impressive percentages.
In London, a congestion management system has lowered traffic volume to mid-1980s levels.
In Singapore, a traffic prediction system is helping re-route and manage traffic citywide, preventing major back-ups and congestion.

IBM issues rosy 2009 outlook
BUCKING the trend of high-tech competitors, IBM posted a 12 per cent gain in fourth-quarter profit and gave an upbeat outlook for 2009.
Although facing "an extremely difficult economic environment," IBM said it expects to continue to benefit from the increasing profitability of its software and services businesses. Despite the global slowdown, IBM said customers are continuing to sign up for outsourcing and other services contracts.

IBM Global Innovation Outlook (Download PDF)

IBM Driving Innovation, new technologies and ideas (Download PDF)

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